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The University of Washington is a world leader in addiction research in disciplines ranging from the molecular to societal levels.  In 2007, the UW was named one of the top ten universities for drug and alcohol graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report. Funding from NIH and other sponsors brings in over $43 million dollars annually to support the work of collaborative centers, independent researchers, and graduate and postdoctoral education in addiction.

The Confederation of Northwest Addiction Research Centers was established in 2006 to enhance coordination among addiction research centers and training programs affiliated with the University of Washington.  Through the diverse strengths of its members and a collaborative approach to addressing addiction, the Confederation will impact:

  • Research and knowledge development that crosses multiple disciplines
  • Training of tomorrow's addiction research workforce
  • Treatment and care of individuals and families coping with addiction

News from the Confederation

Kudos! Professor of Social Work and Director of Social Development Research Group Riichard F. Catalano, PhD was named to the prestigious Washington State Academy of Sciences in September 2013. The Academy provides expert scientific and engineering analysis for policy makers, and works to increase the role and visibility of science in the state.

Previously named to Academy is Charles Chavkin, PhD, Allan and Phyllis Treuer Endowed Chair in Pharmacology and Professor of Pharmacology. Dr. Chavkin directs the Center for Drug Abuse Research in the Department of Pharmacology.

Realignment: In January 2013 the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) and the Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit (FADU) joined their programs under one umbrella. This integration addresses three primary aims:  to integrate and expand the areas of expertise of the two research units; to pool personnel, technological, information management/dissemination, and other resources to the benefit of both groups; and to enhance sustainability of both programs. Therese Grant, PhD, director of FADU, also became an Associate Director within ADAI.


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