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Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters (VASE-R)

The Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters - Revised (VASE-R) is a video-based method for assessing clinicians' skill in Motivational Interviewing (MI). The VASE-R consists of video presentation of three vignettes in which actors portray substance abusers. In the VASE-R, clinicians are prompted to identify or generate written responses consistent with particular MI principles. The VASE-R includes 18 items (6 per vignette) that produce a total score and five subscale scores (i.e., Reflective Listening, Responding to Resistance, Summarizing, Eliciting Change Talk, & Developing Discrepancy). Administration requires presence of a proctor to provide initial instructions (Appendix A), access to TV/VCR equipment, and a Respondent's Booklet for each respondent. The VASE-R takes 35 minutes and can be administered individually or in groups.

© 2005 University of Washington. Developed by David B. Rosengren, John S. Baer, Bryan Hartzler, Christopher W. Dunn, Elizabeth A. Wells, and Richard Ogle.

The VASE-R video is available at no charge from the contact below. VASE-R scoring materials can be downloaded here:

VASE-R Administration & Scoring Manual (289 KB) Download PDF (updated 4/2009)
VASE-R Respondent's Booklet /Answer Sheet (69 KB) Download PDF
VASE-R Scoring Form (31 KB) Download PDF

To obtain a VHS copy of the VASE-R, please contact:

John S. Baer, Ph.D.
VA Puget Sound Healthcare System -- Seattle
1660 South Columbian Way, MH (S-116 ATC), Box 356560
Seattle, WA 98108
VM: 206-768-5224  Fax: 206-764-2192

Source References
Rosengren DB, Hartzler B, Baer JS, Wells EA, Dunn CW. The Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters Revised (VASE-R): Reliability and validity data of a revised measure for motivational interviewing skills. Drug Alcohol Depend 2008;97:130-138.

Rosengren DB, Baer JS, Hartzler B, Dunn CW, & Wells EA. The Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters (VASE): Development and validation of a group-administered method for evaluating clinician skills in motivational interviewing. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 79(3): 321-330, 2005.


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Updated 4/2009