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Publications and Online Reports

These publications are available online as full-text documents in PDF format unless otherwise noted. For some reports, the executive summary is also provided in HTML format. See ADAI Publications Home for lists of substance abuse articles, books, and reports by ADAI staff and other University of Washington researchers.

Drug Abuse Trends Reports (CEWG Seattle-King County)

Archived Seattle Drug Abuse Trends (CEWG) reports:

ADAI Technical Reports

Adolescent Treatment

Drug Courts



ADAI Info Briefs

ADAI Info Briefs

Miscellaneous Reports and Brochures

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco in Washington (brochure), 2003. (HTML version) (PDF version), 11x14")

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Your Pregnancy (pamphlet), updated 2013. Adapted from NIAAA and American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Substance Abuse, with added information about Washington state resources. This brochure can be distributed to study participants to comply with NIAAA requirements for a Certificate of Confidentiality.

  • ADAI Biennial Report, 1999-2001

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