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Addiction Researchers at the University of Washington

For over 20 years, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute sponsored a Research Affiliate Program for faculty at University of Washington who were involved in alcohol and drug research. Research Affiliates participated in ADAI lectures and conferences, review committees for the Small Grants program, and in other activities. Over time, the Affiliate program became less active as addiction research groups grew within academic departments, developing into centers and training programs doing excellent and innovative work in many disciplines. It seemed appropriate for the Research Affiliate program to give way to something that reflected the evolving, multidisciplinary portfolio of addiction research at the University of Washington.

In 2006, the Confederation of Northwest Addiction Research Centers was formed to enhance coordination among addiction research centers and training programs affiliated with the University of Washington. Through the diverse strengths of its members and a collaborative approach to addressing addiction, the Confederation aims to impact the field in these and other ways:

    • Research and knowledge development that crosses multiple disciplines
    • Training of tomorrow's addiction research workforce
    • Treatment and care of individuals and families coping with addiction

ADAI Director Dr. Dennis Donovan is a co-founder of the Confederation, along with Drs. Charles Chavkin (Pharmacology) and Richard Catalano (Social Work). ADAI provides support for the NW Confederation by hosting meetings of research and training center directors, and developing and maintaining the Confederation website. ADAI created a web-based Directory of Addiction Researchers at the UW, which includes our former Research Affiliates, plus many more individuals who have come to the University or to the addiction field in recent years. We also produce a list of publications by UW researchers that demonstrates the breadth of work done in the alcohol and drug field throughout the University.

Directory of Addiction Researchers at the University of Washington

http://adai.washington.edu/researchaffiliates.htm · Updated 10/2010