Using and understanding our interactive charts

Interacting with charts
Most of the charts on this site are interactive, responding when you move your pointer to a spot in the chart. If you place your cursor over ("mouse over") a data point (e.g., where a line intersects with a year in a time trend chart), you can see the name of the data series and the value(s) at that point. If you mouse over a legend entry, the corresponding line is highlighted.
Clicking on a legend entry in a line graph turns that series on or off. This can be used to rescale the graph if you turn off the series with the highest values, such as an aggregated category like "all opioids".
In time-trends charts, clicking and dragging allows you to zoom in on a subset of years.
On mobile devices, tapping may replace mousing over, and pinching open (spread) and closed (pinch) should allow you to zoom.
Look for the "burger menu" icon in the upper left of a chart. If present, this menu lets you download the chart, show the underlying data, or download the data.
This site uses a mix of charting packages, and not all of the above applies to every chart. Try clicking and see what happens.